Blaine+Sam friendship simply because I wanted to. ^___^

"So, um." Sam shifts a little, thumbs moving quickly on the controller to get a good punch in on Blaine’s user on the TV screen, doesn’t really know if he should ask, but he’s been thinking about it for a while.

After all, he’s gotten pretty close to Blaine lately and Kurt is the love of Blaine’s life for Pete’s sake, Sam kind of thinks that he needs to know that Blaine knows, what if Sam gets asked to be best man at their wedding and still standing there wondering about it on the wedding day he screams it out in the middle of the ceremony while they’re saying their vows and – yeah, no, he should definitely ask. “Did Kurt ever tell you about – uh, that time when he –?”

A little nervous shift of his eyes to the side to see Blaine doing the same with his own eyes before quickly turning back, looking forward, fingers slamming like they’re furious with the need to kill and Sam concentrates, won’t let Blaine hit his graphic self.

"What?" Blaine says. Sam knows that little snap in his voice; Don’t, don’t, don’t  don’t make me talk about him not now just not now I can’t handle you even saying his name so let’s not  and Sam just needs to get it over and done with as quickly as he can. He licks his lips, clamps them together and they part with a wet little smack as he releases them.

"About that time time he had a crush on me?"

The snort leaves Blaine through his nose, shoulders shrugging and eyes rolling with a soft scoff, like it’s so obvious and Sam is being purposefully dense. “Oh, that, oh my god, Sam, hah, of course he did.”

Phew, Sam thinks, nods quickly, jerky. “Oh, okay, right, not that it matters I just wasn’t sure if – “

"Sam, we tell each other everything," voice soft and patient at first, a little quieter then around a clearing of his throat. "Told. Told each other everything.”

Blaine’s user goes down with a bang on the TV and it’s not that Sam doesn’t want to deal with this, he doesn’t care; if Blaine needs to be moody, Sam will let him, but he knows that Blaine doesn’t want to deal with this right now so he won’t make him. “Yeah, yeah, I know, dude, I just didn’t know –” another shrug, “never know how people are when it comes to talking about that – was just wondering so we’re clear, was stupid to even mention it, dunno why I – “

"You don’t think boyfriends would enjoy talking about hot guys with each other?" Blaine says, amusement now in his voice because it’s been easier, lately, Blaine smiling more and more often and slipping back into happiness and not getting stuck in the sadness even if it’s present pretty much constantly, and it takes Sam a moment to get it; his brain first thinking about how Oh, it must be different, duh, of course it might be different, if a girl he dates tells Sam about a hot guy it’s not like he will go 'Yes oh my god I know, right?' about the dude’s abs most of the time, he’d get nothing but jealous, then his brain clicks with Blaine’s words, ‘talking about hot guys' —

He snaps his head to look at Blaine and that’s the sound of Sam’s user losing a life, and Blaine grins and then Sam grins too. “You consider me a hot guy?” he says, can’t hold back the too-much self-smug pride in his voice and Blaine goes from grinning victoriously over a video game to barking out a laugh, and shrugs with the grin still on his face.

"Don’t fish for compliments. You’re not really my type, but – well, uh, you gotta know you’re good-looking," Blaine says, lips pressed a little tightly together even as he still smiles, as if he’s nervous and waiting for something.

Sam scrambles to make sure Blaine’s waiting is unnecessary and done for something that’s not coming, simply shuffles his shoulders a little proudly to hold himself up higher, hah, Blaine thinks he’s hot, and clicks the green button on his controller to accept another game.

"Thanks man," he says, because let’s face it, it’s extremely flattering that Blaine of all people thinks so because Sam might not view dudes in the same way as Blaine does, but he’s not blind, knows Kurt must be considered smoking in gay guy’s eyes, because even when straight like himself you just look at Kurt and you know he’s hot, he is hot, that guy, and well yeah; Blaine obviously has good taste, so Thanks, man, he thinks.

"You’re kinda good-looking too, dude," he says as an after-thought with a grin. "You’re not really my type either though, so I guess we’re even."

Blaine’s eyebrows lifts, but he doesn’t say anything, every muscle in his body just seeming to relax the slightest at Sam’s words as he still smiles, and Sam’s happy that Blaine’s happy even though he wishes that people being decent human beings and not making things weird when they’re not isn’t something Blaine has to worry about.

He bumps Blaine’s shoulder with his own as the game starts up again, and they start playing, side by side, and things aren’t weird because they’re not, and hot or not, Blaine might be the best friend he’s had in a really long time, if not ever, actually.

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