Anon asked you: “Blaine or Kurt is a porn star and the other one is an adoring ‘fan’ who meets them on the street.” (I took some liberties with ‘street’, heh). ~1,200 words

“And then I told Miss July that she can stick that cane up her – ”

Kurt leans back in his chair and lets Rachel’s voice turn into a distant mumble, getting lost in his own thoughts. Not that he minds Rachel talking about school, but they’re in Lima for a month over the summer and he just wants her to let it go already.

He’s just taking a sip of his coffee when he looks over his shoulder, at the counter, and sees a guy standing there; black-haired and kind of tiny but broad, in a dark green jacket sitting just right over his shoulders, and Kurt finds his eyes lingering, trailing down his backside.

The guy turns around and Kurt chokes on his coffee, one hand flying up to his chest and the other covering his mouth as he wheezes with it, trying to gulp in air, only causing him to cough harder.

“Kurt, oh my god, are you okay?” Rachel says and shrieks as Kurt turns redder. He tries to wave his hand that he’ll be fine, but it’s Rachel, so to no use. “Oh my god, someone help! Help! He’s dying, he’s dying, someone please – my best friend is collapsing, I can’t lose him, he’s – he’s turning purple, please!!”

“Rachel!” Kurt manages to get out, coughing a few more times before it finally settles down.

“Hey,” a voice cuts them off, suddenly close, “Are you all right?” and Kurt freezes in panic because he knows that voice, knows what it sounds like both begging and demanding and whining, he looks up at the person now standing next to him and thinks, Please, god, no, but yes, there he is, in the flesh – although admittedly not as much of it on display as Kurt is used to – here in the Lima Bean of all places; Devon James, the one and only person’s homemade porn Kurt will watch and actually get turned on by.

“I’m fine,” Kurt croaks out and clears his throat, looks up at Devon and their eyes meet, deep tea-coloured brown eyes looking back at him, and Kurt can’t seem to tear his gaze away. The first thing crossing Kurt’s mind is that the camera isn’t even close to doing Devon justice; he looks otherworldly in real life, a real life Disney Prince having stepped out of the screen.

Even though Kurt is pretty sure no Disney Prince has ever done the filthy things Devon does behind his screen, and he swallows hard.

“Do you guys… know each other or something?” Rachel cuts them off, and Kurt jumps, realizes they’ve both been staring silently at each other, and his cheeks flush.

“No, no, I – ” He looks up at Devon and purses his lips for a moment to keep from turning to Rachel and blurt out something like, I know what his ass looks like taking two cocks at once. “You just. Uh, seemed familiar.”

Something changes in Devon’s eyes, an eyebrow going up as a smile spreads on his lips, his eyes flicking down and Kurt feels like going into another coughing fit because Devon James totally just checked him out.

“Is that so?”

Oh god, he knows, he knows that Kurt knows about the size of his cock, he can probably tell that Kurt has never come to thoughts about another guy as well, Devon James is the only one who does it for Kurt and given the chance he would probably drop to his knees right here in the crowded Lima Bean if it meant he could suck him off.

“You know, I’d be forward and ask for your number, but given that you still haven’t answered my first question, I’m afraid I’ll get turned down,” Devon says with a pout, and it takes a few blinks of his eyelids before Kurt realizes what he said and he hears Rachel giggle behind her hand.

Kurt,” she scolds him and he looks up, swallows the dryness in his throat.

“I – ” he starts. “Yes. I mean, I’m fine, just swallowed something wrong, but you could – I would be okay with it. If you asked for my number, that is. I would give it to you.” Kurt snaps his mouth shut and out of the corner of his eye he can see Rachel giving him her best, What the actual hell?-look.

Devon just grins and holds out his phone, and Kurt tries not to let it show how his fingers shake as he quickly types in his number.

“Kurt,” Devon says and smiles wider when he looks down at his phone, and Kurt tries not to squeak out loud over how nice his name sounds coming from his mouth. “Nice to meet you. I have to go, but I’ll call you!”

This is where Kurt should be suave, give him a wink and say, Looking forward to it, all sultry and flirty.

Instead, he starts coughing again.

“Right,” he squeaks out and clears his throat, and then Devon says good bye, giving Rachel a final smile as well before leaving.

“Kurt, what the hell?” Rachel hisses as soon as he is out the door. “That was worse than that time you threw the cupcakes on the floor and ran away!”

“Rachel, you don’t get it!” Kurt hisses back, because honestly, the cupcake incident was almost two years ago and he had just moved to New York, he was allowed to be awkward around guys flirting, and once again she needs to learn how to let things go.

They get cut off in their bickering by Kurt’s phone buzzing, both of them freezing.

“Oh my god, I bet it’s him!” Rachel says and squeals. “Be happy you have your looks to charm the guys in at the start, because this awkward turtle thing you have going on won’t get you anywhere!”

Kurt glares at her for a second because that stung, before he chooses to ignore her, looking down to read his text instead.

“Is he asking you for a coffee date?” Rachel says. She leans over the table and Kurt holds his phone to his chest so she won’t see it, snapping, “Hey!”

“Or dinner? Or a movie night? He looked like the romantic type – ”

“Will you let me read it already?!”

“Fine, fine!” Rachel slumps back in her seat, and Kurt looks down, finally reading it, and his cheeks go crimson.

Always nice to meet a fan.

“I’m not texting him back,” Kurt says immediately, wishing the floor would open up and swallow him whole, and Rachel frowns in confusion.

His phone buzzes again, and heart in his throat, he looks down.

Especially adorable ones like you. ;)

Kurt can’t help the shy smile spreading on his lips even as he still blushes, and he flicks his eyes back up to Rachel.

“Okay, maybe I will,” he mumbles and pockets his phone before lifting his coffee again, already trying to figure out what he will send in response. “I’ll think about it.”



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